2014-11-06 Bone marrow pathology.
Prof. L. DeLeval, Prof. S. Dirnhofer
This course on bone marrow pathology comprises an introductory lecture on the principes of bone marrow biopsy interpretation, followed by case-based discussions. Each presentation will consist of an overview of an illustrative case, followed by a discussion of the differential diagnosis and practical points to distinguish among various mimicking entities.

2012-11-08 Introduction to basic diagnostics of malignant lymphoma.
PD Dr. S. Cogliatti, Prof. S. Dirnhofer, PD Dr. M. Tinguely
Workshop for residents and young staff pathologists.
18 selected lymphoma entities that may be encountered in regular routine surgical pathology. General instructions for diagnostic processing that is understood as an integral of morphology, phenotype, molecular genetics, and clinical features.