PowerPoint presentations:

2020-08-28 Prof. A. Tzankov Mediastinal tumors, tumor-like lesions and cysts
2018-11-29 Dr. med. A. Vallejo NUT-midline carcinoma

Virtual slides:
2015-01-20 Mediastinal cysts and tumors
Unilocular thymic cyst
Acquired multilocular thymic cyst
Cystic lymphangioma
Bronchogenic cyst
Foregut cyst
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Mature teratoma
Immature teratoma with somatic type malignancy
Teratoma with myelosarcoma
Yolk sack tumor
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: H&E
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: Giemsa
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: Mib 1
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: CD1a
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: CK22
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: TdT
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: CD4
Lymphoblastic lymphoma: CD8
B1 Thymoma: H&E
B1 Thymoma: CK5/6
Hodgkin lymphoma with cystic degeneration: H&E
Hodgkin lymphoma with cystic degeneration: CD15
Hodgkin lymphoma with cystic degeneration: CD30
Primary mediastinal (Sclerosing) B-cell lymphoma: H&E
Primary mediastinal (Sclerosing) B-cell lymphoma: Novotny
Primary mediastinal (Sclerosing) B-cell lymphoma: CD20
Primary mediastinal (Sclerosing) B-cell lymphoma: CD23
Primary mediastinal (Sclerosing) B-cell lymphoma: CD30
Primary mediastinal (Sclerosing) B-cell lymphoma: p63
Sclerosing mediastinitis
Desmoid tumor
Desmoid tumor: beta-catenin
Desmoplastic mesothelioma
Desmoplastic mesothelioma: Calretinin
Desmoplastic mesothelioma: D2-40
Lymphohistiocytic mesothelioma
Lymphohistiocytic mesothelioma: CK7
Lymphohistiocytic mesothelioma: Calretinin
Lymphohistiocytic mesothelioma: Vimentin
Lymphohistiocytic mesothelioma: CD15Sarcomatoid thymic carcinoma
Sarcomatoid thymic carcinoma: CK22
Sarcomatoid thymic carcinoma: Vimentin
Type A thymoma
Type A thymoma with different patterns
Type AB thymoma
Cystic B1 and B2 thymoma
Micronodular thymoma
Type B2 and B3 thymoma
Type B3 thymoma
Spindle cell type B3 thymoma
Type B3 and C thymoma
Basaloid thymic carcinoma