Neoplastic Skin Diseases

Molecular Pathology:
2015-02-04 Prof. K. Glatz. Molecular pathology of the skin

PowerPoint presentations:

2021-03-16 Prof. K. Glatz. Dysplastic Nevus & Spitz Tumors
2020-03-02 Prof. K. Glatz. Fibrohistiocytic tumors of the skin
2019-01-29 Prof. A. Tzankov Cutaneous T-cell and NK-cell lymphomas
2018-07-12 Dr. med. K. Burmeister. Perineural invasion (German)
2014-02-13 Prof. K. Glatz. Benign melanocytic nevi:
Spitz nevus, dysplastic nevus, mitoses in benign nevi.
2014-02-25 Prof. K. Glatz. Diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis of melanoma
2014-04-01 Prof. K. Glatz. Basal Cell Carcinoma

Link to external material:
2017 Prof. A. de la Fouchardière, Lyon. The pathology of melanoma: Immunohistochemistry

Virtual slides:
2014-02-13 Spitz nevi, dysplastic nevi, mitotically active nevi
Reed Nevus of the vulva
Desmoplastic Spitz nevus
Dysplastic nevus with slight cytologic and architectural atypia
Dysplastic nevus with severe cytologic and architectural atypia DD: SSM
Nevus of Unna with dermal mitoses after pregnancy
2014-02-25 Malignant melanoma
Nodular melanoma ex nevus
Nodular melanoma ex nevus (HMB-45)
Ulcerated nodular melanoma with satellite metastasis
Ulcerated nodular melanoma with satellite metastasis (Ki-67)
Melanoma in situ in chronically sun damaged skin (lentigo maligna)
Melanoma in situ in chronically sun damaged skin (lentigo maligna) (melanoma cocktail)
Mixed spindle cell and desmoplastic melanoma
Mixed spindle cell and desmoplastic melanoma (Melan A)
Desmoplastic melanoma
2014-03-18 Fibrohistiocytic tumors of the skin
Iron storing fibrous histiocytoma
Fibrous histiocytoma with basaloid proliferation and induction of sebaceous glands
Epithelioid fibrous histiocytoma
Epithelioid fibrous histiocytoma: Factor XIIIa
Epithelioid fibrous histiocytoma: CD68
Cellular fibrous histiocytoma
Cellular fibrous histiocytoma: CD34
Cellular fibrous histiocytoma: Factor XIIIa
Aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma
Pleomorphic dermal sarcoma NOS DD: atypical fibroxanthoma
Pleomorphic dermal sarcoma NOS, local recurrence (initial tumor see slide 1434)
2014-04-01 Cutaneous adnexal tumors
Basal cell carcinoma, clear cell type
Basal cell carcinoma, infiltrative and infiltrative-sklerodermiform type
Basal cell carcinoma, partially nodular, partially micronodular subtype
Hidradenocarcinoma with adjacent residual clear cell hidradenoma
Spiradenoma, teleangiectatic type

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